Ben Towers

17 year old award winning tech entrepreneur


."Being my own boss is amazing! I love setting my own targets and working to my own schedule"


"Having the opportunity to tell my story and knowledge is awesome! I enjoy being on the stage & sharing!"


"Running your own business has a number of challenges, being able to help others with these is great fun."


"I am an ambassador for a number of organisations of which I truly believe in their ethos and goals."

About Ben Towers

Ben Towers is a multi-award winning young entrepreneur aged 17. His businesses include a digital media agency (Towers Design), a social media management company (Social Marley) and also a number of other brands including a youth development business and clothing brand.

Ben has been described as one of the most experienced young entrepreneurs since starting one of his business at only 11 years old and now that same business has 19 members of staff and over 1300 customers.

The young entrepreneur is extremely well connected with both small businesses and also large corporations and has helped a number of ideas become realities by making the appropriate connections and offering valuable advice.

Further to this Ben regularly lobby’s for young people in Government and also is a regular at playing in celebrity football events. Ben is passionate about success at a young age and believes anyone of any age can make a difference.

Ben is a keynote speaker at conferences all over the UK telling his story to audiences in their thousands and motivating them to achieve more and become the next influencers. 

Young Entrepreneur

Ben started his largest business (Towers Design) at the young age of 11! He has since gone on to employ 19 and have over 1300 clients in the same company.

Towers Design

Towers Design is a multi-award winning design agency working with competitor brands looking to find a new innovative image and marketing strategy. Clients range from small businesses to large corporates all looking to modernise their brand.

Social Marley

Social Marley is a new exciting social media tech start-up helping SMEs grow their social media presence and engagement whilst having access to industry-leading analytics and data to assist in growth. Barking Soon!


The Next Generation Business Team (NGBT) provides school and college students with the facts about business with the aim of making them 'work ready' and ultimately more employable. The team work with educational places all over the UK.

Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a confident but down to earth keynote speaker who has spoken at events over the world providing inspiration for entrepreneurs, employees and students?

Ben has an immense amount of experience in sharing his inspirational story and commenting his views on new innovative tech, business behaviour and investment. Ben's audiences have ranged right up to tens of thousands and live on TV. Get in touch with his agents, NVC, to discuss booking this inspiration teenager for your event.

Ben is testament that formal education is not necessarily the best route for everyone... one of UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs

 - Richard Branson


Ben loves to support organisations which share his ethos and vision. He has carefully selected a handful of schemes to support and promote.

Bullies Out

BulliesOut provides help, support and information to individuals, schools, the workplace, youth and the community about bullying and how it can be prevented.

Young Enter.

Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. Empowering a generation to learn, work and live.

Young Start-up 

Young Start-up Talent is an organisation working with under 25 year olds looking to develop their business idea and get access to an extensive network of entrepreneurs.


The National Enterprise Challenge is run in schools all over the UK targeting pre GCSE students to help inspire and educate them on business and employability skills.


Ben is extremely passionate about young people in business and is constantly campaigning to try and make it possible for more and more to start on the amazing journey Ben has and still is on.

Currently Ben is campaigning for:
        - business banking for under 18's
        - payment gateways for under 18's
        - entrepreneurial skills to be taught in schools

Whilst at ‘The Business Show’ Ben more than fitted in amongst some of the UK’s fastest growing entrepreneurs & held the floor brilliantly whilst conducting an insightful keynote in front of packed audiences

 - Daniel Rogers, The Pyrsm Group - organisers of The Business Show


Ben warmly welcomes the opportunity for press coverage and where possible will gladly accept invitations to do so.

Please get in contact with Sam at Cadence PR to discuss any requirements, his contacts details are:

E: [email protected]
P: +44 (0)20 7043 8847

"Age is just a number, don't let it define you"


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